Meet The Characters

 Liam Xander Ayala

Kilala siya bilang woman hater. Wala pa siyang nagiging girlfriend and he is often mistaken to have gynophobia (fear of girls). When he was 7, his mom left them for another man. This was the reason why he hates women. All that changes when he meets Ella Zobel. He is arranged to marry her. Will Ella succeed in softening Liam's heart? The story is permanently in his point of view.

 Ella Marie Zobel

A new student at Liam's school. She is first introduced when she was at the Principal's Office with Liam. However, the two did not share a very good first impression. She was chosen to be Liam's wife when Liam's Dad, Mr. Ayala, saw that she ordered Liam around and got away with it. He thinks that Ella has what it takes to change Liam's heart. Will she succeed? She was the second girl introduced in the story.

Janna Amante

 She was the first girl ever introduced in the story. She's known to be the rival of Ella for Liam's heart. At first, you may think she's a nice and sweet girl but whenever necessary, she can turn evil. She acts as Felix and Liam's best girl friend. Her father is business partners with Liam's father that's why she knows Liam very well. They met when Liam almost crashed his car into her on one night, but hopefully she was uninjured. She has a masochistic nature.

Felix Darren Jones

The very bestfriend of Liam. Unlike him, he has a playboy nature and really gets along with girls. He's also the bestfriend of Janna, often going along with her plans on making Liam fall for her. He has commitment issues and that's why he can't settle on a long term relationship.

Tasha Peninsula

Ang tomboy ng buong school. Bestfriend siya ni Ella at laging nasa tabi niya para suportahan ito. Crush niya si Janna. 

 More coming soon!


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